Allow me to reintroduce myself*

Hi, I’m Sanna. A somewhat location independent freelancer, helping companies with project management and digital communication, while traveling more than I intend to. Probably too curious for my own good. If you’re new here, I thought I’d give a little backstory.

Three years ago, I quit my corporate job. It wasn’t a dramatic exit, you know, like those who make viral Buzzfeed posts; “ WOMAN QUIT HER JOB—YOU’LL NEVER GUESS HOW”, and there’s a video of a woman base jumping from the 144 floors, with fuck you printed on her back.

No, my situation was different. I liked my job. It was one of the largest communication agencies in Sweden, we had interesting projects, my colleagues were like family. Professionally speaking, that’s where I grew up. I started as a green social media specialist, and over the years found myself passionate about project management and company culture. The thing was, that even though I liked my job, I didn’t like my life, and I didn’t like myself.

Wow, did that sound like a downer.

I felt stuck and I couldn’t find my way out. People are quick to call you brave when you’re doing something out of the ordinary. But that is based on the assumption that you have options. Jumping out of a burning building is brave, but when your alternative is being burnt alive, I don’t know, I’d call it a survival instinct. That was what quitting my job, selling my stuff, and leaving Sweden with a backpack was for me. It was saying bye to a life surrounded by fires, and even if I couldn’t see where they were, I could feel the temperature rising.

Not to be dramatic or anything.

To snap out of the little prison of habits I built for myself, I had to make a big change. Turn life upsidedown, flip perspective. It worked. It wasn’t, and still isn’t, easy. I don’t know what country I’ll be in a month from now, I don’t know what clients I’ll be working with, but safe to say, I’m pretty damn excited to find out.

*Fun fact #1: If I have an opportunity to reference Jay Z, I’ll take it.