I was the teenager who would hide behind a book at parties, could never make a deadline, and my home was in perfect symbiosis with the state of my mind—a complete mess. I never lacked passions or projects, but what I did lack was project management skills.

And here I am, consulting with managing projects for years.

You could say I’m over-compensating.

Newsletter: Managing projects, clients, and yourself

Since this is a topic near my heart, and quite frankly, my friends are getting tired of listening to my project management rants, I’m putting them into a newsletter. It will be stories from the adventurous field of corporate communication (exciting!), freelancing lessons learned the hard way, and a few links to smarter people who say things better than I will (but at least I found it for you).

Subscribing to this will probably not make you any less of a mess. But it might make you feel less alone in it. I’d like to think of it as a digital support group for us freelancing creatives who have to deal with our weaknesses.

The newsletter will be sent out a few times a month, and obviously, you can unsubscribe at any time. I wont be offended, promise.


I’m Sanna.

Working with digital communications since 2010, focused on project management, content production and social media.

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