A snapshot of my life at the moment.

  • After a few stressful weeks with project Berlin homebase, it finally looks like we’ll have a place to call home till November. Despite knowing very well the toll flat hunting takes on me, it has honestly been more challenging than I was prepared for. Looking forward to getting back to routines.

  • Working on a fun full-time assignment at the moment, in the marketing team of what could be described as a corporate start-up.

  • Product building plans has taken a backseat, as life has unfolded in unexpected ways. Counting on taking it all up again this summer, with more knowledge and focus.

  • Fun plans are coming together for the rest of the year. Especially excited for Burning Man and NomadCruise.

  • Reading: Lost and Wanted, not sure where I got it from, but needed some fiction and the science focus intrigued me.

  • Watching: Chernobyl on HBO, obsessed since episode one. The companion podcast is highly recommended as well.

  • Favorite writing soundtracks at the moment are Lo-fi beats, everything with ODESZA, and Hilary Hahn plays Bach.

Updated May 27, 2019.

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