Hello there.

I’m Sanna. In 2015 I started traveling while working remotely. 2016 I went freelance to pursue a location independent lifestyle. Since then I’ve been in based in places like Bali, Cape Town, Lisbon, and Berlin, while working with companies mainly based in Sweden.

Today I consider Berlin my home base, but frequently visit Stockholm and continue to explore the world, bit by bit.

Project management, communication, brand building and company culture are topics I get very excited about. And don’t get me started on personal development, location independence, and dancing, because I could go on for a while.

My days revolve around work, creating, learning, and movement.


I currently shoot with Sony Alpha 7R III, mostly with Sigma Art 35mm f1.4. Prior to 2018, I had my loyal companion Canon EOS 5D Mark II by my side, with a 35mm f2 lens.