Hello there.

I’m Sanna. In 2015 I started traveling while working remotely. 2016 I went freelance to pursue a location independent lifestyle. Since then I’ve been based in places like Bali, Cape Town, Lisbon, and Berlin, while mainly working with Swedish based companies.

At the moment I consider Berlin home, but frequently spend time in Stockholm and continue to explore the world, bit by bit.

Project management, communication, brand building and company culture are topics I get very excited about. And don’t get me started on personal development, location independence, and dancing. I might never shut up.

My days revolve around work, creating, learning, and movement.

The Freelancing part

I'm a freelancing project manager, with a background in social media and content. This means I help teams focus on what they do best, like design, development, copywriting and strategy, while I take care of the rest. Like planning and structure, ongoing communications between all stakeholders, and at times just mental support. We all know it's needed.

I've worked with everything from technical projects such as building websites (Episerver, WordPress, and others), to coordinating content, to ongoing production management in marketing. Besides project management, I also work with brand building on social media and content production. 

Favorite quote from a team member is "You totally saved our asses", which I may or may not consider having framed.

I've been freelancing since 2016, prior to that I worked at a communications agency. You can get the full background scoop on LinkedIn. If you want to work with me, collaborate or just nerd out about project management over a coffee, let me know.


I currently shoot with Sony Alpha 7R III, mostly with Sigma Art 35mm f1.4. Prior to 2018, I had my loyal companion Canon EOS 5D Mark II by my side, with a 35mm f2 lens.